The Twelfth Biennial Bryn Mawr College Graduate Group Symposium will feature a performance installation by Philadelphia artist Nishat Hossain in conversation with the theme Irresistible Night, Ageless Dark and the structure of an institutional conference.

A History of Darkfinding 
Join aspiring humanities professor cum emerging artist Nishat Hossain as they deliver a lecture on a brief history of ancient Indian contributions to astronomy, punctuated by self-care rituals designed to help them survive the clutches of colonial and imperialist institutions such as, but not limited to, capitalism, art, science, and academia. 

About the artist:

Nishat Hossain is an artist who uses her body as a medium to explore how her presence within the relationships and institutions she inhabits is anarchist, and how the anarchy of her presence questions the founding axioms and assumptions these institutions use to justify both their existence and the prevalent structures of intimacy that prop them. She began making art in Philadelphia in 2014, after re-migrating from Bangladesh to the United States, in response to both the genocides that shape her third-world Bengali identity and the legal, economic, cultural, and institutional violence her body is subject to as a member of America’s first-world colored precariat class. Her works have shown nationally and internationally at venues including the Museum of Modern Art NY, Anthology Film Archives, San Francisco Cinematheque, and the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia. She holds a self-designed B.A. in Independent Visual Studies from Haverford College.

Nishat Hossain’s work can be viewed at